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Elephant Dung Cards – mixed packs of 20 – all designs

Packs of 20 mixed cards
baboon spiderKakuli Yellow Billed StorkKakuli WildebeestKakuli Wild DogKakuli WildebeestGiraffes BrightsKakuli Pels Fishing OwlEle SleepingKakuli EleEle and Babydung beetlesaddle billed storkleopardKakuli GiraffeEle and Baby


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Hand made greetings cards, blank inside. Made with recycled paper, painted and gilded by Margaret and Eneless. The paper is coloured with tea and the texture is created with a pinch of real Luangwa elephant dung! (sterile!) – unique cards – a bit of the REAL Africa!

Sold in mixed packs of 20 for £40 per pack = £2 per card. Here, above, are the designs – hover your cursor over the pictures to get the design names, then let me know which ones you like and I’ll pack according to your preference watch out for our CHRISTMAS cards.

Ask about prices for orders of more than 100 cards.

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