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Norman Carr. Adrian’s father – some old pictures…..

Norman Carr. Adrian’s father – some old pictures…..

Adrian’s father Norman was a visionary conservationist who pioneered walking safaris and the concept of conservation through tourism  – a policy that has been generally adopted in many wilderness areas of the world today. One of his many unique achievements was successfully to raise and return to the wild two orphaned lion cubs – the story of Big Boy and Little Boy is told in Norman’s book Return to the Wild. It’s out of print now but often comes up on sites like Abe Books and is a really interesting and compelling read.

I hope he would be pleased that we’re still here and actively involved in conserving his beloved Luangwa Valley.



Published on 19th February 2015 in Generally interesting, News from the Luangwa Valley.

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  1. Diane
    6th November 2015 at 4:05 pm

    Gorgeous bowls … When will you be exporting to the UK? D xxx

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