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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I order an item from you?

    We are very new to the internet and have not yet set up a way to pay on line with credit card – we’re sorry about that – we will do so, but in the meantime – please send me an email on  and I will get back to you extremely quickly. I’ll be able to discuss your requirements with you and arrange for you to pay by bank transfer or cheque.

  • Is there a discount if I buy more than one bowl?

    Yes – there MAY be  – the more bowls you order, the cheaper the delivery cost, so please ask me to estimate the cost for orders of 2 or more bowls and see if there is any discount.

  • How is it delivered and who pays for delivery?

    With Fedex, DHL or similar – delivery to the UK is included in the cost of the bowl and we will track your order for you.


  • How quickly will my order arrive?

    It should arrive within 1 week /10 days after payment has been received – BUT please allow 2 weeks as delivery from this part of the world can sometimes take longer.


  • Are the bowls ‘food safe’?

    Yes – unless specifically indicated otherwise – all our bowls are sealed and polished with our special blend of beeswax and drying oils. We rarely use nut oils but would state very clearly on the bowl if we do – in case of nut allergy.  They CAN be used for salad bowls and for snacks both dry and ‘wet’ – there is no need to restrict their use to ‘dry contents only’ unless specifically stated otherwise – see next FAQ for bowl care.


  • How should I care for my bowl?

    Unless otherwise indicated all our bowls are sealed and polished with our special blend of beeswax and drying oils. We rarely use nut oils but would state very clearly on the bowl if we do – in case of nut allergy. You can wash the bowl in soapy warm water – don’t leave it to soak and don’t put in a dishwasher. An occasional polish with beeswax will bring back the shine. Try to keep it out of direct sunlight as natural wood gradually fades in direct sun. Our mopane tea-light holders are polished with shellac – give them a vigorous buff up from time to time with a soft cloth and avoid touching them if you have alcohol, white spirit/turps or similar on your hands.


  • Why do you only sell cards in packs of 20 minimum?

    Because the cost of sending twenty cards from here is the same as sending one! Silly – we know but hopefully, with all the birthdays and special, sometimes unexpected occasions that crop up, you will find that it’s actually rather useful to have a handful of greetings cards in your drawer.

    If you’re interested in buying more cards – ask about ‘wholesale’ prices of orders of over 100 plus.

  • What comes with my order?

    If you order a bowl it will come with its own handmade calico gift bag (image) with embroidered logo patch. Also included is a certificate giving the bowl’s number and origin.

    It will be well padded and wrapped to protect it.


  • What happens if the item arrives damaged?

    We send things very well wrapped so there should be no problem at all but in the unlikely event of your item not arriving in perfect condition – let us know and we will replace it with something as close as possible to your order (bearing in mind that each item is unique). We just ask that you take a picture of the damage and let us know within a day of arrival.

  • Do you have a UK retail outlet or gallery?

    No we don’t – but if that ever changes we will let you know, or if you would like to talk to me about stocking our products on your shop – don’t hesitate to email.


  • How do I know you truly only use fallen trees?

    All our wood is licenced and I can send scanned copies of the licence to you if you’re in any doubt. Alternatively – come and see us! You are most welcome to the workshop any time – I can even help arrange your safari for you if you like!


  • Can I order something bespoke?

    Yes of course, if you have something in mind that you don’t see on the website – let me know, it could well be that we have what you’re looking for already in stock – or we can make it for you – and if you would like your bowl/gift to be engraved with a message for a special occasion – let me know – I am more than happy to discuss this.

  • Do you ever come to the UK?

    Yes – our Mums lives in West Sussex and in Cornwall and we often come to see them.


  • Can I buy bowl blanks from you to turn my own bowls / pens / candle holder etc?

    Feel free to ask – we are happy to help with blanks.  We are lucky enough to have access to some exciting and rare woods – all from fallen trees and all licenced. As well as mukwa, knobthorn, red mahogany and mopane we have African blackwood (Dalbergia melanoylon) a turner’s favourite and leadwood  (combretum mberbi). Kepe checking the blog for exciting new finds.


  • I’d like a Zambian safari – can you help with that?

    Yes we can! In our past lives we ran safaris and we know the finest outfits, the most exciting times to come, the secrets of how to get the best from a safari and would be happy to guide you in the right direction.