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Elephant Dung Cards

Elephant Dung Cards

Handmade Elephant Dung Greetings Cards – from the Luangwa Valley

These original greetings cards will not only delight your friends and family but also help to make a difference to the people and wildlife of the Luangwa Valley.

Our unique cards are hand made with recycled paper, tea and elephant dung at a local workshop not far from the Luangwa River. There is no shortage of raw materials here in the valley! The dung is collected locally, laid out to dry in the scorching sun, effectively sterilizing it, and added to a pulp made from recycled waste paper. It gives the paper its unique texture and the addition of tea to the mix gives the paper its warm, natural colour.

The pulp is made in to sheets and dried in the sun then folded into cards. The designs are all hand painted using tea and water colour paint and gilded using real gold leaf.

The Luangwa Valley is a beautiful place to live but not without its challenges. Visitors come from overseas to see the huge herds of elephants and buffaloes, the hippos and crocodiles in the Luangwa River and the lions and leopards who roam the bush, perhaps not realizing that local people have a very different perception of this wildlife.

Elephants, hippo and buffalo come at night to raid crops; fishermen and women collecting water are killed or injured by crocodiles, there is fear of being ambushed lions and leopards. It is not unusual for elephants to wreck an entire years crop leaving families short of food at home and no spare crops to trade.

These cards provides employment to local people giving them financial independence in an area where there are few other job opportunities.

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