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Conservation and Community

Conservation and Community

We donate a percentage of the price of every one of our pieces to SLCS and this all goes in to elephant conservation; specifically to help towards mitigating human/elephant conflict. Elephants can wreck a whole year’s crop or the family mango trees in just one night so it is vital, if local Luangwa people are to be active and supportive in the conservation of these animals, that elephants and people can somehow live alongside each other.

The South Luangwa Conservation Society of which Adrian is a trustee is a locally grown and very hands-on charity working together with the Zambian Wildlife Authority to conserve the Luangwa Valley’s wildlife and habitat.

Visit their website for details and find out more about their outstanding and absolutely vital work.

Also fundamental to all wildlife conservation and at the very heart of Elephant Wood’s ethos is habitat preservation and we also work with SLCS and Chipembele Wildlife Education Centre to protect forest areas and support forestry educational and planting programmes.

Gid is Chair of the Board of Chipembele. The picture above is a selfie of me (Gid) collecting muwawa (Khaya nyassica – Red Mahongany) seed pods up at Luawata. Our friend Fil then propagates them at her tree nursery not far from our workshop – she has raised many thousands of trees over the years.